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Grafton Field Safety Rules

Field Hours
Electric Aircraft may be flown sun up till sun down.
No Gas or Glow plane flying before 9AM 
Mon. thru Sat. , 10AM Sunday . Till Dusk 
(9PM in the summer)
  1. All model flying shall be conducted in a manner to avoid flying over people, business, parking lots and roads.

  2. Model Aircraft must only use radio control frequency’s currently allowed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Only individuals properly licensed by the FCC are authorized to operate equipment on Amateur Band frequencies.

  3. Narrow band transmitters only.

  4. No power model may be flown outdoors closer than 25 feet to any individual, except for the pilot and the pilot’s helper located at the flight line.

  5. All guests and visitors must have a current AMA card and have a “Guest Pass” issued by a board member to fly at this field.

  6. Absolutely no flying North of the marker (wind sock) located approximately 200 feet North of the end of the runway

  7. No member can operate a model aircraft while under the influence of a controlled substance or within eight hours of having consumed alcohol. Or while using any medication that might impair their ability to safely control their aircraft.

  8. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted on the property Including portions of the property not designated for Club use.

  9. No unsupervised child under 6 years old is allowed in the pit area unless they are a pilot or while under flight instruction.

  10. No smoking in the pit area. Cigarette butts must not be discarded on the ground anywhere on the property.

  11. Current AMA card with current CRCC membership sticker required to fly.

  12. AMA card must be placed in the impound rack to take frequency pin and 2.4 pin.

  13. All flyers using 2.4 radio systems must take a 2.4 (Yellow) pin from the rack.

  14. Frequency pins and 2.4 pins must be displayed on the transmitter

  15. When all flight stations are full or you are sharing a frequency with another member at the field there is a 10 minute flight limit.

  16. Stock mufflers or expansion chamber type mufflers are required on all engines.

  17. No taxing in the pit area.

  18. A physical restraint is required while starting aircraft.

  19. Pilots must fly only from designated flight stations. And whenever possible an assistant should be with the pilot as a spotter.

  20. No extended engine running or breaking in of engines in the pit area.

  21. On takeoff, first turn must be away from the pit area. Wind direction will establish the flight pattern.

  22. No turbine powered aircraft are permitted to fly at this field.

  23. All low high speed passes and all 3D flying should not be done any closer to the flight stations than the far edge of the runway. Under no circumstances should any low high speed passes or 3D flying be done closer to the flight stations than the center point of the runway. When two or more pilots are flying all low altitude high speed passes must be announced and flown with the traffic pattern in effect.

  24. Any violations of the field and or safety rules will be discussed with the violator continued or deliberate violation of the rules could result in revocation of flying privileges and in extreme cases removal from the Club.


Lorain County Sheriff's Department
(440) 329-3709
Eaton Township Fire Dept
(440) 748-2345


Elyria Memorial Hospital
630 E. River St.
Elyria, OH 44035

Directions to the hospital, From the field turn left on rte 82 go to rte 57 (2 miles) turn right on rte 57 go north (3.4 miles) to East Broad st. take East Broad st. west to the Hospital (1 mile) the Emergency room is on the west side of the Hospital complex off East River road.